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After Care

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aftercare instructions


powder brows

Immediately After your brow procedure

Varying degrees of redness and/or swelling are normal, although usually minimal, and can be expected to subside within a few hours to at worst, a day or two.  You will be asked to blot the area you had worked on lightly with a clean, dry tissue intermittently for the duration of the day to remove any "lymph" fluid (the clear fluid that presents before scabbing begins) from the surface of your skin to avoid a crusty build-up.  The day of the procedure you will be asked to NOT wash the affected area.   Keep your hair pulled back off your face and keep your fingers off your freshly tattooed skin.  Allow the skin to dry out and breath overnight.

day 2 - day 14

Beginning day 2 through day 14 you will be required to wash your skin twice daily with a super gentle, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic cleanser (ALWAYS move from the center of the brow outward in the direction of hair growth for brows,  NEVER use bi-directional (back and fourth) motions while washing the skin.  Using MINIMAL pressure, move the suds over the surface of the skin with two passes.  Rinse the suds with two light passes of water, then lightly BLOT dry.  Allow the skin to air-dry for about 10 mins before applying a thin layer of aftercare to the surface.  Feel free to reapply aftercare SPARINGLY throughout the day if the skin is feeling excessively tight or dry.

first 2 weeks post-procedure

- maintaining facial hygiene is VERY important.  Excessive oils will negatively effect your results. 

Continue to wash affected area gently 2x daily.  Avoid getting the area wet otherwise.

- Avoid using any facial products (creams, retinols, serums, acids, etc.), makeup, and sun exposure to the brows!

- apply aftercare at your discretion if effected area feels dry, tight or itchy.  ALWAYS CLEAN HANDS FIRST.

- unless you are actively cleansing or applying treatment, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR BROWS.


Allow your body to naturally heal itself.

30 days post-procedure & beyond

Avoid laser treatments, saunas, facial massage, steaming, sunbathing, light therapies, chemical peels, facial acids, swimming, soaking, drinking alcohol in excess, microdermabrasion, and cleansers/creams that contain regeneration factors, active ingredients and/or exfoliants.

Always protects the brows from the sun. Use of SPF or makeup on the brow area is not permitted until after 10+ days or brow texture is no longer scabbing.  Use of antibiotics during the healing time may accelerate pigment fading.

what to expect


Immediately After your procedure

The entire healing process will take approximately 6 weeks depending on your age, skin type, lifestyle choices, adherence to aftercare protocols, etc. Your new eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing process.  The pigment will appear very natural looking immediately after the procedure.  From days 2 - 5 it is totally normal to experience a darkening of the color, a slightly "swollen" appearance, and for your skin to feel tight and itchy.  Usually at day 5 (give or take, everyone is different) your brows will begin to scab and flake off.  Oftentimes during this phase, the brows will appear very light and patchy, we call this the "Milky Stage".   Some clients even report them "disappearing"...this is all very normal!  During weeks 3 - 4 pigment will continue to filter through the healed skin and make its way to the surface, appearing more visible to show a soft, natural shape.  At 6 - 8 weeks you will return for a perfection touch-up where we will build on the foundation created at your initial visit.

Itching, light scabbing, flaking and/or tightness may appear during the first seven days post-procedure. By adhering strictly to the after-care instructions, these symptoms should subside quickly.

heal time and client expectations

Results should not be critiqued until at least 3 weeks post-procedure.  The variables are unending and all skin types react differently to PMU.  With that in mind, touch-ups are required and to be expected.  The Initial process is AT LEAST a two-step process with a necessary 6 - 8 week follow up appointment to make needed adjustments to the brow; this includes but is not limited to minor touchups to strokes, symmetry, color and/or density.  Once completely healed, always apply a layer of sunscreen SPF 30+ on your eyebrows when exposed to the sun. Sun exposure without protection and repeated use of harsh skincare will accelerate fading.

Results are NOT guaranteed.  Every client is unique and factors such as lifestyle choices and skin tone/texture will affect each client differently.  Together we can develop a plan to ensure the best possible results, however I stand behind my transparency, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.

If increase in redness, swelling, irritation and/or signs of infection occur, consult a physician immediately.  

After notifying your physician, please follow up with your artist at HighBrow Studios.

call/text (732) 600 - 9718

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