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Permanent Cosmetic Artist Training

After spending 6 years in the industry and attending countless in-person and online trainings, I have finally decided to offer my expertise to the next generation of PMU practitioners! 


The American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) Gold Certification is a requirement to work legally as a Permanent Cosmetic Artist in the highly regulated state of NJ.  In order to become an AAM Gold Certified PMU Artist, students must complete an accredited 100-hour PMU Primary Training course, pass a board examination, complete a 9-model apprenticeship (3 eyebrows, 3 eyeliner enhancements, and 3 lip blush tattoo procedures) under the supervision of an AAM Platinum Certified Trainer (PAAM) and acquire mal-practice liability insurance.  HighBrow Academy's training includes theory, hands-on (6 live models) learning, the option for  students to complete their post-graduate apprenticeship in-house as well as ongoing continued support / business mentoring after graduation.

HighBrow Studios also offers legal and insured space-leasing for new graduates who want to start taking on their own client's post-graduation. 

HighBrow Studios has always held itself to a standard of honesty, excellence and transparency in its PMU practice and will set graduates up for success by teaching the most up to date skills and techniques, providing the most state-of-the-art materials and supplies to learn with and by preparing and educating students on how to navigate this exciting and lucrative career legally in the state of NJ (or elsewhere!).

HighBrow Academy's 100-Hr fundamentals Training is a hybrid course which includes pre-class requirements in addition to in-person learning.  Students will receive the basic knowledge and skills to begin their career in PMU.

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