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Permanent Cosmetic Artist Apprenticeships

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Upon completion of your 100-hour fundamental training, it is strongly recommended that you reinforce your new skillset by apprenticing under a certified PMU trainer.  HighBrow Studios' apprenticeship program provides the opportunity for PMU artists to refine their skills, gain confidence and continue their education. 


An apprenticeship program is required in the state of NJ in order to become a legally practicing PMU artist.  Completion of 15 live procedures (5 lips, 5 eyeliners, 5 brows) under supervision of a certified PAAM Instructor is necessary in order to be eligible to sit for your board exam. 

( 6 of the 15 required procedures are included in and will be done during your fundamental training. )   

All apprenticeships will be done 1-to-1 with a certified platinum trainer.  All necessary materials will be provided by HighBrow Studios. 


Students will be required to find their own models.

The price for each individual apprenticeship procedure is $400. 

Apprenticeship procedures can be paid for one-at-a-time or in full and upfront at the beginning of your 100 hour training

-visit "tuition" link for more information.

Requirements to participate in HighBrow Studios Apprenticeship Program...

  • Must be a graduate of an AAM recognized 100-hr fundamental training program. 

-visit "trainings" link for more information.

  • Must carry PMU liability insurance. (Policy # required to schedule)

  • Must provide model (at least18 years of age and a "good candidate" for PMU procedure)

-visit "client eligibility" link for more information.

  • Must provide your own client forms.

Once you have completed your required apprenticeship, you will receive a letter from you PAAM instructor stating that your AAM procedural requirements have been met.  

It is the students responsibility to submit the above-mentioned letter directly to the AAM along with;

  • a copy of your drivers license

  • a copy of your 100-hr fundamental course certificate of completion

  • a copy of your PMU malpractice liability insurance

  • AAM Gold exam fee ( )

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